Transform your car with our ceramic coating. Unleash a sleek, resilient finish that’s more than a coating – it’s a statement of pride on wheels.

Ceramic Coating Service:

We offer our ceramic coating service to help you protect your vehicle. Our ceramic coatings are specially designed to bond with your vehicle’s surface and create a hard, glossy and hydrophobic layer that protects the paintwork and adds a depth to the gloss that you’ll want to show off!

Ceramic coatings are an investment for your vehicle with options for protection that will last between 2-5 years, Engineered to withstand the elements, especially in the UK where the roads and weather conditions can get quite nitty gritty. Our ceramic coatings essentially create an invisible shield, guarding your vehicle against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and road debris. So you can experience long-lasting brilliance and protection that really sets your car apart.

Elevate Your Vehicle’s Protection and Aesthetics with Reading’s Premier Ceramic Coating Services

In the realm of automotive preservation, our Ceramic Coating services in Reading emerge as the pinnacle of excellence. At Hudson & Sons, we redefine the standards of vehicle protection and aesthetics, ensuring your car not only stands out on the roads of Reading but also remains shielded against the elements.

The Science of Ceramic Coating – Unparalleled Protection

Our Ceramic Coating process begins with a comprehensive vehicle preparation. A thorough inspection is carried out, and your vehicle and any existing contaminants are cleaned to ensure optimal bonding, we highly recommend a multi-stage paint correction to ensure the surface is in the best condition possible prior to our application of the ceramic coating, which is applied by our skilled IDA verified detailer, utilizing cutting-edge techniques to achieve an even and flawless coverage.

Your vehicle is a big investment, and if you’re visiting our page we know that you care about your car.

Keep your car turning heads, and drive it proud and protected with a Hudson and Sons Auto Spa Treatment.

Choose Hudson & Sons for Ceramic Coatings.

In the competitive landscape of ceramic coating, Hudson & Sons stand as a high quality and service of excellence detailer. Elevate your vehicle’s protection and aesthetics with our unrivaled Ceramic Coating services. Choose excellence, choose longevity – choose Hudson & Sons for a transformative ceramic coating experience in and around Reading and Berkshire.