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Reading, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and West London

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10% Public Service Discount

As ex-servicemen ourselves we want to offer a little something back to those who keep us moving, we’re offering a discount to any public service and blue-light member

True Care, For Your Pride and joy.

Hi, I’m Alan, the owner and founder of Hudson & Sons Auto Spa. I’ve always had a passion for cars since the day I owned a beautiful Fiesta Supersport back in 1989.

From that day on, I’ve enjoyed the sight of a well-maintained car. I found a connection to detailing and took pride in not only my cars but also my friends’ and family’s cars. They saw how my cars looked and wanted the same for their cars.

For many years, I continued to provide this service until one day, I started working for a company that used to take their fleet to a certain hand car wash.

At that point, I realized that this was not the right way to treat someone else’s pride and joy.

So, I set out to provide a service where people’s cars, whether it was their daily runabout, dad’s taxi, or weekend pride and joy, would be looked after as if it were my own. Today, we have a very healthy client base all over Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and parts of London.